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Basics of Buying a Standing Desk

There are so many choices that you can have when you are eyeing for standing desk and this is what you will be able to learn today.

Number 1. Adjustable height free-standing desks – without a doubt, this is the best solution that you can get for such product. Talking about functionality, these desks are just hard to beat and seen to be at the top of their field. You can effortlessly adjust the height depending on your liking letting your peripherals similar to reference materials, snacks, keyboard, monitor and everything in between to be located in one area.

Such desks also come in different colors, styles as well as desktop configuration similar to curved, rectangular, L-shaped and so on.

Number 2. Adjustable height desktop add-on – this is a great solution in case that you are running on a budget or for whatever reason, stuck with traditional sit-down desk. These kinds of models might either hover above it on swing-arm or similar mechanism or directly rest on existing desktop. Some desktop standing extensions are even stylish.

Again, some models under this category may compromise on ergonomics and might not be able to allow you to optimize the placement for monitor and keyboard. But here’s the thing, the quality of these height-adjustable desktop workstations might let you work comfortably even when standing without draining your wallet.

Number 3. Fixed height desktop risers – these simply speaking are elevated platforms where you can set down on the existing desk to elevate your laptop, keyboard and/or monitor. This could be a very reasonable option in getting you standing right away. Some of the fixed-height add-ons can be folded for portability, turning it to a mobile workstation in no time.

Despite the fact that these desktops are derided as being ergonomically, these desks still have a place in stand-up desk marketplace. And if you are going to compare it to electrically height adjustable desk, these are without a doubt more affordable. If it is combined with traditional sit-down desk, this provides you with a low-tech sit-stand solution. As a matter of fact, there are many fixed-height desks that can be customized by the leading woodworking shops.

Number 4. Sit-stand-recline desk – because of the price tag and footprint it has, somehow this is a niche product. In the event that you have an orthopedic condition such as chronic neck pain or back pain, they might be a good solution so you could keep working until the time that you have fully recovered. The thing is, you can only get the most of this product if you have at least 5000 dollars spare as this is oftentimes quite expensive; so be ready to shell out such amount.f

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